Men to Avoid: 11 Characteristics

1.  He takes no responsibility for anything.  He blames others/things/circumstances for his behavior.

2.  He treats you rough at times…twisting your arm, pulling your hair, shoving you.

3.  He is nice to others but treats you badly.

4. He steals; he uses people, cheats them out of money, always borrowing to spend on himself and then doesn’t pay back the loan.

5. He professes to be “religious” but attacks your religious beliefs.

6.  He gives gifts but demands favors in return.

7.  He puts down women in front of you.  He’ll ridicule you if you get upset.

8.  He encourages pity from others.   He tells stories about how he was victimized all his life…that no one really ever loved him.

9.  He constantly cuts down your friends and family and tries to keep you isolated from them.  When you do get together with them, he wants you to tell him everything that was said and makes you account for all the time you were away.

10.  He is very impatient and when he gets angry, he will destroy (your) property.

11.  He is overly sensitive and sulks when he does not get his way.

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