Wedding Jitters and Kindergarten Battle Prep

This is a link to the Moth Radio Hour broadcast of December 11, 2016.  The link takes you to the full hour (53 minute) broadcast and the page will allow you to listen to all or just part of the 12/11/16 broadcast.  The Moth is a radio show of stories, told live, to audiences; stories about life, the actual events in the life of the storyteller, and the sense they made of their experiences.

The story I want to direct your attention to starts 28 minutes into the broadcast, and lasts only 7 minutes.  You can fas forward to the story I’m highlighting or listen to the whole broadcast.

The story is of a girl, growing up in a strict family and the role her grandmothers played in helping her, allowing her, encouraging her to rebel from the structure at home, in safe and healthy ways.  The story is told by Aubry Edwards.

Worth a listen…..