Things to Never Say in Front of Your Kids

My internet home page is MSN.  Frequently, I will see posted mental health related articles.  This one, below, got my attention because the author lists 47 items (a bit much) and I’ve said some of these things in front of my kids!

The important thing to remember when looking at such lists, is that they help us only when we look at them as gentle reminders of opportunities to do/say something different as opposed to the many different ways you’re a lousy parent, you’ve always been a lousy parent, and you will always be a lousy parent.

And yes, it is a challenge to look at this list and gently remind yourself next time.  How is the alternative working for you (you lousy parent)?

47 Things to Never Say in Front Of Your Kids (Even When You Think They Aren’t Listening)

One of the most frustrating things about being a parent is that it feels like your kids are only listening to you during the times you don’t want them to. But aside from being annoying, it’s important that parents recognize this because what a parent says can have just as much of an impact on shaping a child as their actions — even when mom or dad isn’t even addressing the kid. While many parents are cautious of how they speak to their little one, they don’t realize in the moment that the things they are saying about themselves, their spouse, or others around them can have a lasting effect on their child. These are the 47 things parents should avoid saying to prevent their child from worrying about adult problems or questioning their own appearance or self-worth.

  1.           I hate my body.
  2.           I wish I were more like her.
  3.           I can’t do it.
  4.           I look like sh*t.
  5.          Why can’t you be more like him?
  6.           You’ve changed since we had kids.
  7.           I’m not good enough.
  8.           Shut up.
  9.           I’m just a few pounds shy of my goal weight.
  10.          They’re going to judge me.
  11.           I really need to go on a diet.
  12.           I can’t wear a bikini.
  13.          Should you really be eating that?
  14.          Look how bad I look.
  15.         There’s no way we can keep spending like this.
  16.          I would rather die.
  17.          Stop being an idiot.
  18.          Life was easier before kids.
  19.          I stopped listening.
  20.          I hate my job and wish I didn’t have to go to work.
  21.          I wish we had more money.
  22.         The teacher doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
  23.         Did you hear what she said about him?
  24.         Did you see how bad she looked?
  25.         I don’t know why I even bother.
  26.         Does this make me look fat?
  27.         I have the problem child.
  28.        The teacher just must not like him.
  29.       We have no money.
  30.        Boys don’t cry.
  31.        My child is payback for when I was a kid.
  32.        That’s not how a mom should dress.
  33.        If only my child behaved like yours.
  34.        I have more important things to do.
  35.       That’s what wives do.
  36.        I’ve really let myself go.
  37.        If only I could lose a few more pounds.
  38.        I looked so good before kids.
  39.        Look what having babies did to me.
  40.        I’m a bad mom.
  41.       This is the worst thing that could happen.
  42.        I know I shouldn’t gossip but . . .
  43.       That’s the man’s responsibility.
  44.       That homework assignment is pointless anyways.
  45.       My child would never behave like that.
  46.        I will never forgive you.
  47.        I could never do that.
  •                                                             Source:  Popsugar, December 15, 2016 by LAUREN LEVY