My Therapist is a Bartender!

I read Men’s Health magazine periodically.  In the October 2017 edition, on page 32, is the “Jimmy the Bartender” column.  It is an advice column; guys write in with common questions and Jimmy responds.  Sometimes, there is really good advice in this column; like this month.  Two questions; one from Stuart, one from Alan…..and good advice from Jimmy.

“Whenever I do the laundry, my wife says I do it wrong.  When I don’t do the laundry, she says I don’t help out.  What the hell?Stuart, Huntington Beach, CA

This is one of these smoldering-ash deals that can rage out of control and burn you alive.  Do you and the wife speak the same language?  Then ask her for laundry advice.  Yes, you’re still the man.  If an argument ensues, whatever you do, do not win it.  Because if you win that battle, you also win a lifetime of dirty laundry.

Is a text to Mom as good as a call to Mom?  It’s better than nothing, right?Alan, Portland OR

No, actually it’s not.  It’s worse than nothing.  Just pick up the phone, dial the number, and ask about her flight to Kalamazoo or her best friend’s niece’s baby shower.  Make “I’m listening” noises.  That 10 minutes of you taking an interest costs you 10 measly minutes.  And that’s a damn small price to pay for having such a cool mom.