“…but I make more than her. She should do the housework.”

As many of you know, I read Men’s Health Magazine.  It is not the most prestigious periodical for articles on mental health and marital relationships, but every once in a while…..and today is that day.

In the December 2016 edition, there is a column, “The Girl Next Door”.  It hosts Ali Eaves fielding questions sent in by men on various topics.

A question sent in by “Tom”, Charlotte, NC:  “I work 60-hour weeks and earn twice what my wife does.  Do we really have to split the chores?”  Check out her answer.  It is excellent.

“I’m going to save you a lifetime of arguing, Tom.  Take that fat paycheck of yours, peel off a hundred bucks or so, and call a cleaning service.  Either that or learn to tolerate a little mess around the house.  Look, of course it makes sense for the partner who has more free time to do more of the home-fire tending.  But the way you’re using math to calculate who does what is bound to breed resentment.  If you bring in outside help, you’re not only shutting down the chore debate once and for all but also providing employment for someone who probably cleans better than both of you combined.” – Ali Eaves