Getting Started / FAQs

For many people, the decision to seek counseling is not an easy one.  I understand that difficulty.  I have struggled with it myself.  I take great pride in helping people find the happiness and peace they deserve,  The first step is to call my office at 217.224-5273.  If I am in session, please leave your name, number and a brief message on my confidential voicemail.  I will return your call that day.

In our first conversation, we‘ll discuss your counseling needs, my fees and payment options, set an appointment and I’ll ask for some basic demographic information.  On the day of the appointment, we will complete basic paperwork in the session together. This takes about 10 minutes…and then we’ll start talking.

Where are sessions held?

Most therapy sessions are in person, in the privacy of my office.

How long are sessions?

Most sessions are one hour in length. I will, however, schedule two hour sessions as the need arises and as requested.

What if I have a crisis between sessions?

If it is an emergency, call me.

At the time of your first appointment, I will give you my cell number.  If you lose that number, call my office and my cell is on my answering machine message. If it is an emergency, call me.   I don’t charge for the first 20 minutes of such calls.  Typically, I find that within 20 minutes, a solution can be discovered that will hold you until the next day or your next appointment time.

Are you a doctor and/or prescribe medications?

No, I am not a physician and do not prescribe medications but I can and will refer you to a physician if you/I feel this is needed.  I will also work with your physician if they have referred you for counseling or if your counseling is part of a larger medical treatment plan your doctor has recommended for you.  In such cases, typically, I inform them of your participation after your first appointment and every two months thereafter.