We Fall in Love with Three People in our Lifetime

I read/listened to this on TicToc and found it very interesting.  Worth the time to read.


Our First Love:

This love often happens at a young age.  You eventually grow apart, and call it quits over silly things.  When you grow older, you look back and may think it wasn’t love.  But the truth is, it was.  It was love for what you knew love to be.


Then there’s Our Second Love, the hard one:

You get hurt in this one.  This love teaches us lessons and makes us stronger.  This love includes great pain, lies and betrayal, abuse, drama and damage.  But this is the one where we grow.  We realize what we love about love and what we don’t love about love.  Now we know the difference between good and bad partners.  Now we become closed, careful, cautious, and considerate.  We now know exactly what we want and what we don’t want.


Then there is Our Third Love:

This one comes blindly.  No warning.  It creeps up on you silently.  You don’t go looking for this love.  It comes to you.  You can put any wall up you want, it’ll be broken down.  You’ll find yourself caring about a person without trying.  They look nothing like your usual crush types.  But you get lost in their eyes daily.  You see beauty in their imperfections.  You hide nothing from them.  You want marriage and family with them.  You thank the universe for them.  You truly love them.


I think what is said is accurate.  The text suggest 3 separate relationships.  I believe one could learn these relationship/love facts all within the same relationship over time.  I have seen this in my office.  I can’t help but feel sadness at the comments about one’s 2nd love.  The comments about getting hurt and how this love includes lies and betrayal.  I wish it were not so, but so it is.  It is only by going through such that we learn about the risks of love and loving.  We learn to be selective in choosing who we date.  We learn when to keep our mouth shut and when to speak up.  The comment about the 3rd love finding you, I also believe is true.