Before You Divorce…..

In early 2013, I will be starting a group for individuals and couples contemplating divorce.  It will be an education and therapy group, for 1 1/2 hours, once a week.  The purpose of the group is to give an individual or couple time to RATIONALLY consider divorce BEFORE/AS they (decide to) divorce.  At present, I envision that the first 1/2 hour, I will present information/education on divorce; the remaining hour will be devoted to therapy…providing an opportunity for an individual/couple to discuss aspects of divorce they are questioning/struggling with.  The group will be “open-ended”, in that individuals/couples can attend as long as they wish, up to the time they decide to divorce and/or until their divorce is legally finalized.

Some of the topics I an preparing to discuss/present on include the following:  How to tell the difference between normal fighting  and fighting that suggests divorce, How divorce relates to the motivation for marrying and who is picked to marry in the first place, Should I divorce (or “stick it out”), Signs within a relationship that divorce is on the horizon, How will we tell the kids (“One is 3 and the oldest is 17…”), How will this effect them, Feelings to expect during/after the process (of deciding), What to do if you want to divorce but you are afraid of financial issues, visitation issues, etc., etc.

So often, I see couples who have fought, threatened, suggested, hinted at, avoided, wished for, begged for, asked for….a divorce.  But…they never discussed it…rationally.  Or, they divorced and THEN talked about it or wished they had. This group is intended to fill that gap.

More (details) later.

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